Lucky’s Social Club is unlike any other bar or dog park in Memphis! Check out our FAQs and rules below to plan your visit. Our Bark Rangers will politely enforce these rules to ensure a safe and fun environment for all hoomans and dogs.


  • Each dog must have a day pass, monthly pass, or annual pass to be allowed into the park.

  • Each dog must be current on vaccinations (including Canine flu/+ booster, Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella), and owners must be able to provide documentation to Lucky’s before being a member or receiving a day pass. Owners must also sign an agreement of non-aggression.

  • Each dog must be spayed or neutered to receive a membership or day pass.

  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pup at all times.

  • Owners must remain in the park at all times while their dog is here. Do not leave your dog unsupervised.

  • Aggressive behavior will not be allowed. Any dog exhibiting aggressive behavior will be asked to leave immediately. Failure by dog owners to manage your dog’s aggression may result in termination of membership.

  • Lucky’s Social Club is not responsible for any injury, illness, or damage caused in our park. Each dog’s owner is responsible at all times for their dog’s behavior.

  • Choke collars, e-collars/ vibration collars and pinch collars are not allowed.

  • No clothing on dogs is allowed.

  • If your dog is recently adopted a two week decompression time is required before the dog will be allowed into the park.

  • For the safety of all dogs, customers, and staff, failure to abide by any of these rules may result in ejection from the premises and/or suspension or termination of membership, at the sole discretion of Lucky’s Social Club’s management and staff. No refunds will be given.

RUles and regulations

Why is Lucky’s a membership-based park?

Being a membership-based park allows us to create a safe, healthy, fun and relaxed community for all dogs and dog lovers everywhere.


How much is a membership?

Each membership is per dog and costs $10 for a one day pass, $25 per month, or $275 per year. Additional dogs in the same household can be added for $50 per year, $10 per month, or $5 for a one day pass.


What does the membership include?

Each membership includes 24-hour access to Lucky’s safe, open-air, dog park and amenities as well as VIP access to events and weekly programming. Some vendor discounts and drink specials will be available as well. Members will enjoy gourmet hotdogs, local beer, daily programming, and monthly events. Amenities in the park will include tetherball, obstacle courses, water features, and an outdoor dog wash station. The park will be fenced in by May 1 and dogs will be free to go unleashed at that time.


How do I buy a membership?

You can buy a membership anytime at the park by speaking to a staff member. You can also buy a membership online(link to membership page). Proof of vaccinations, as well as a signed agreement of non-aggression and proof of being neutered or spayed, will be required at time of membership application.


My puppy isn’t spayed or neutered yet, can he/she still come?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow any dogs who haven’t been spayed or neutered. However, we are open to all hoomans. We would love to have you out so you can enjoy the park while your sweet pup has time to grow.


If I don’t have a dog, do I have to pay to enter? Is it okay for me to come without a dog?

All hoomans are welcome to enter Lucky’s Social Club for free and you don’t have to have a dog to enter. Our bar is open to all hoomans 21+.


Is Lucky’s kid-friendly?

We do allow kids but Lucky’s is a dog park first and foremost. All kids must be supervised at all times.


Do you have separate areas for different size dogs?

Yes, we have separate areas for large and small dogs as well as a common area for all.


Who can I talk to if I have a question?

Our professionally trained Bark Rangers will be onsite to supervise and answer any questions.


Can I bring food and treats into the park?

Food and treats are not allowed in the off-leash areas. To ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone, food is only allowed in leashed areas. You may, however, enjoy beverages purchased at our bar anywhere in the park.


Where can I park?
Free street parking is available as well as a free parking lot at our location, available after 5pm. We also suggest using Lime and Byrd Scooters, Explore Bike Share, and carpooling. Please use Lyft or Uber if you plan on drinking. 


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